Interface cable for almost all vehicle types to connect our test computer.

Diagnosis before and after transmission repair are required.

The test banches sets the standard for testing today's advanced valve bodies. Its revolutionary design and industry leading software and data acquisition packages also give it the ability to test individual mechatronics solenoids or solenoid packs; an industry first.

Simulated roadtest at one of our two test stands:

No one automatic transmission leaves our house to have passed without an extensive testing and loading program.
Fully electronic rear driven test stand for simulating road operations
Drive assembly of the front-wheel drive test stand with 150KW Gasoline engine
The Axiline 97000 features full digital control for highly accurate and repeatable testing. It adapts to most all domestic and foreign front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, transverse, manual, and CVT transmissions. The 97000 tests transmission line pressure, shift point and response, downshift and converter lockup, stall speed and more - all under simulated vehicle load conditions. The standard SuperShifter Pro software system gives the operator full digital control of both the dyno and the transmission from a simple laptop computer. The laptop is conveniently mounted on a movable tray so the operator can spot oil and pressure leaks, check hydraulic and system controls, and make minor adjustments while the transmission is mounted on the tester. The 97000 can be upgraded with a WinDyn Data Acquisition system for instances when data must be stored and reviewed during post test analysis.
Our big lathe for machining torque converters up to 500mm
Our transmissioncleaning system ...

Here, all components are thoroughly cleaned after removal of transmissions

Valve bodys are additionally cleaned by ultrasonic washing machine.
TCRS Dual Gun Torque Converter Welder

 This unit has dual welding capability for extra productivity which makes this the ideal choice for high-volume operations. It is designed to accommodate all torque converter configurations utilizing adapter bushings unique to each specific converter.

With features such as air-operated collets, patented auto-tack and auto-weld functions, and the ability to perform bowl buildups and weld on impeller hubs, TCRS Auto Weld Aligners are the choice of quality rebuilders worldwide.

Big Three automakers Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler all use the TCRS Auto Weld Aligner.

TCRS Dual Gun Torque Converter Welder