V.A.G 1552
Tester for all VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat vehicles. With this device, we achieve a complete error analysis, a final control diagnosis and determine the controller parameters.
Ssnap-on scanner
Tester for all Mercedes, VW, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Opel, Volvo cars. An actuator diagnosis is possible with this device as well as the reading of error codes or control device parameters .
SuperShifter®-movie in-vehicle tester allows you to shift automatic transmissions in the same manner as the vehicle's computer. This durable unit is designed to handle day-in, day-out professional usage. All components are housed in robust, impact-resistant, environmentally protected enclosures. The SuperShifter® is a complete in-vehicle testing solution that can test 12 solenoids simultaneously. Source or sink each solenoid channel for up to three amps and configure for "highside" or "low-side" drive. Cable and test specifications kits are available for most modern transmissions to make it easy to set up tests. Many of the testing options are user-selectable so you can choose to run simple or comprehensive tests. SuperShifter
SuperShifter Pro®
SuperShifter Pro is the most advanced and user friendly shift module we have ever offered. It was designed for extreme versatility so it works with transmission dynamometers, valve body testers or as a stand alone shift console, an advantage that means your technicians only need to learn one software platform to run all SuperFlow transmission test products. SuperShifter Pro puts the user first so its loaded with features like individual solenoid control, click-to-edit frequency ranges and easy-to-read digital displays for pressure, RPM, gear ratios, etc. Because 
SuperShifter Pro®
The TCRS Piston Bonder has massive capacity to accommodate the increasingly larger pistons found in today's torque converters. It's fast too, with the ability to bond most lock-up pistons and front covers every eight minutes. TCRS Piston Bonder
The TCRS® Automatic Torque Converter Balancer provides extremely accurate, repeatable and fast balancing in as little as 45 seconds. Automatic weight indexing stops the converter where the correction weight is needed while the display gives the amount of weight in grams or ounces within 1/10 of a gram. TCRS®’ unique bolt free mounting system means very fast cycle times while the optional runout compensation mode and optional hub polishing make the TCRS® balancer a versatile piece of equipment. TCRS Torque Converter Balancer
Snap-On Monitor
Für komplizierte Getriebefehler, die nur während der Fahrt getestet werden können, kommt dieses Testgerät zum Einsatz.

The innovative Axiline® VBT 8000 by SuperFlow® sets the standard for testing today's advanced valve bodies. Its revolutionary design and industry leading software and data acquisition packages also give it the ability to test individual solenoids or solenoid packs; an industry first. No other system on the market can match its features, specifications, available applications or benefits to you, the customer.

By simulating the toughest driving conditions using the same regulated pressure and heated oil as seen under normal operating conditions, the Axiline® VBT 8000 accurately and efficiently confirms your rebuild. It also allows you to fine tune the valve body to your specifications by adjusting the duty cycles and frequency ranges of each individual solenoid.

 Air Test Stand locates leaks in seconds by pressurizing the converter with air and immersing it in water. This process is capable of detecting minor imperfections including pinhole leaks. It works on all torque converter models from the Allison 1000 to a Volkswagen®/Audi® converter and virtually any size hub with the nine included rubber grommets. The air operated hand lever, regulators and seal make the Air Test Stand extremely fast. It's designed for convenience with the ability to raise the water level to any height on the converter and also lock the converter at 45 or 90 degrees making leak repair or adding balance weights easy.