Remanufactured VS. Rebuilt - What's the difference?

Every part is cleaned, measured and inspected for correct tolerances and specifications.
Remanufacturing is far more than fixing broken parts. Every transmission that comes into our plant is hand-disassembled by an experienced technician and thoroughly checked, piece by piece. Anything that isn't up to factory-new standards is either re-machined or replaced with a new part. We stock €1 million in parts inventory and own numerous precision industrial  machines, so even an out-of-stock transmission can be finished in a few days.

We proudly use quality parts from names like Dynex,Borg Warner,Alto, Raybestos and Trans Tec.
You get proven, robust parts in your transmission when you buy from db automobile. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that whether it’s a clutch plate or a gasket, we’re installing components that keep on working under the toughest conditions.

Our transmissions are remanufactured with the latest OEM updates.

As manufacturers update their transmissions, they are able to fix issues with the original design. Our engineering team keeps track of these changes and implements them in every transmission we remanufacture. That way, even if you have an old car or truck, your transmission will be up-to-date with the latest design.

All transmissions come with a remanufactured torque converter, balanced and tested with the transmission.
We pair every transmission with a torque converter, so you’re getting a matched set that has been tested as one unit. This prevents many performance problems that can show up after the unit is installed in your vehicle.

Each transmission/converter pair is pre-tested on a state-of-the-art computerized dyno.
Our dynamometers are able to put a transmission through a variety of driving conditions long before we install it in your vehicle. This lets us catch problems before the unit leaves the factory, ensuring that before it's shipped out, the transmission is ready to go. Your car is never the test stand

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