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phone: Schlüssel-Nr:   zu2      zu3  
Email:           Turbo       Chip-Tuning        Diesel        petrol        

Transmission type:
transmission version: Automatic    manuel   CVT Transfare case    Differential
Gears: 3-speed        4-speed       5-speed     6-speed     7-speed      8-speed     9-speed    
Drive type: FWD RWD AWD
transmission no.:
Error Description / remarks:
Error code:
Troubleshooting: Burned oil, black oil?
  transmission inside very dirty?
Metal filings in an oil or in the oil pan ?
glycol contermination?
Are missing the following gears: 1    2   3   4   5    6   7   8   9   R     All
noise: in stand with gear engaged?
  in stand with no gear engaged?